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Welcome to the Wiki of Soul Forge 3.
Soul Forge is a Persistent World and active since 2002.

The server is now active on NWN EE (1.74), made by Beamdog.

Live-View to our Server (click here for portraits)

Content of the Wiki

  1. Basics
    1. Hak files: All the files you need to be able to log in
    2. Changelog: Recent changes
  2. Contests
    1. List of completed Contests
    2. no active contests
  3. Server & Client related topics
    1. GOG CD Key: Login with the GOG key will be disabled soon. Please read here what to do
    2. Services for players: what we offer you additionally
    3. Facebook Group: Facebook Group (PC)
    4. Facebook Group: Facebook Group (mobile)
    5. Discord link: Invitation Link
  4. Please use the top-menu bar to check out further information.

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