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Enchanters can make a variety of items as well as enchant weapons, armor and shields. Enchanters require items made by Tinkering, Gem Crafting, Weapon Crafting, Armor crafting, Baking, Alchemy and Smelting. Enchanters use the following crafting devices:

Enchanting Alter - Used to create elemental bags, enchanted gems and enchanted ingots.
Enchanting Statue - Used to enchant shields.
Enchanting Pool - Used to enchant weapons.

Enchanted gems and ingots are created by combining the desired item with enchanting oil. Elemental bags are created by combining a leather pouch with gem dust and a key ingredient. Enchanted shields and weapons are created by combining the weapon or shield with an elemental bag and enchanting oil. Please consult the CNR Recipe Spreadsheet for the exact item recipes. The Enchanting devices work similar to the other CNR crafting deices in that upon success the crafted item will be placed in the players inventory and upon failure, the recipe items will be destroyed. Intelligence (60%) and Wisdom (40%) are key abilities for Enchanting.