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Here is a list of quests and their suggested min level ranges plus where you can find the drop.

Not listed is where you can find the quest giver except as denoted by an ** Some quests are well hidden so these are listed as where to find the quest giver. Others are quite easy to find and therefor not listed. (As always, just ask anyone online if you cannot find a quest. We are more than happy to help!)

Name Level Range Quest Giver Hunting Area Items
Bat Ears 1-10 Davenport: The High Council: ... Davenport Sewers 10 bat, 5 matriarch, 5 patriarch ears
Wisp Stingers 1-10 . Stonehand Pass 10 stingers, 10 hobgoblin crossbows
Rat Teeth 1-10 . The Mines of Dilinar 10 rat teeth, 10 beetle bellies
Elven Signet Rings 1-10 . Nabaal SW 10 signet rings, 10 ghostly spellbooks
Pixie Dust 1-10 Hillshire Magistrate and Administration: Magistrate Merum Hillshire Caverns 10 pixie, 5 nixie, 5 grig dust
Xaltos Map maker quest 1-40 Plains of Hope North: Xaltos Plains of Hope North ** basalisk hide, winter wolf pelt, troll head
Brother John's library quest 1-40 .Davenport Library **
Magistar Wayne's quest 1-40 . The Midnight Spire
Goblins of Silverwood 4-10 Temple of Amanta: Brother Wallace Silverwood Forrest kill'em all
The white potion 5-10 . Aman Ramba Outpost ** 1 white potion
Admiral's table leg 5-10 . Fort Rittern 2 Table legs
Orc head- leader's head 5-10 . Castle Blackthorne 5 Orc Head and 1 leader head
Old pickaxe 5-10 Silverwood Forrest: Small Boy Silverwood Goblin Caves Old Pickaxe
Shaurilauun Noble necklace 5-10 . The Black Lotus Inn
The Undead Rise 5-12 Temple of Amanta: KJarin Darec The Crypts kill'em all
Kobald ears & leader's belt 8+ Hillshire: Yeoman Tildenkin Kobald Caves Goodbar Hills 10 kobold ears, leader's belt
Goblin King's ale & kobald idol 8+ Hillshire: Hanger Dragonkin Kobald Caves Goodbar Hills 1 goblin king ale, 1 kobald idol
Golem head 8+ . Jerstien Way 1 golem head
Ancient scroll case 8+ . Denthek Ruins 1 ancient scroll case
Letter to Staaswer 8+ . The Hamlet of Sunscale Tavern 1 letter
Animal Dung 8+ . The Kai Outlands 10 dung
Code letter & Mr. Jifferson's cloak 8+ . Davenport Sewers
Bandit Clear Out 10+ . . kill'em all
Astral Ale 20+ . The Tavern at the Edge of Darkness 1 astral ale
Kai's family history 20+ . The Kai Stronghold 1 Kai's family history
Dragon blood 20+ . Glitter Down **
Dragon Scales 20+ . The Kai Stonghold
Staff of the Lich 20+ . House Bliz'az
House Zilophan amulet & secret plans 20+ Inlul: Zarra House Zilophan 10 amulets, 1 secret plans