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Rules & Laws of Soul Forge:

  1. The first rule is that the Administrators of this server reserve the right to change any part of the world at any time. This means that while changes are being made to make the world more stable, we may do things that may change the effectiveness of your character. We understand that you have worked hard on your character, and ask that you understand we make changes in the best interests of the server.
  2. Engaging in player killing (PKing) with no in-character reason is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to, killing for sport or to give players grief. Griefing is defined as killing a player repeatedly, committing offensive actions against new players, or using summons to kill a player in a no-PvP area. Use of high level characters against lower level character is a severe violation of this rule.
  3. Attacking a Dungeon Master or preventing them from doing their job is strictly forbidden. This includes interfering in events, especially if trying to ruin them.
  4. DO NOT use the Shout channel unless it is necessary. You may use the Shout channel to advertise for group members, or for items you want to sell or buy. Once you make contact with another player you must communicate via Talk or Tells. Repeated use of the Shout channel over a short period of time, spamming, or using all capital letters and excessive punctuation is prohibited.
  5. Soul Forge is a place for Role-players and Power Gamers alike, please respect everyones play style and try to fit in or move elsewhere when appropriate.
  6. Vulgarity, lewdness, and other offensive behavior is prohibited in public places. You are free to communicate as you wish over private channels such as Tell and Party chat, assuming nobody involved will be offended. There will be no inappropriate conversation over public channels such as Shout or Talk. Abusive Tells are prohibited, unless both parties involved are ok with it. There will be zero tolerance for violators of this rule.
  7. Having an Out Of Character name is a violation of the server rules. An OOC name is defined as any name not justifiable in the world of Arkon. This includes using special colors and spaces in the name or bio. Anything involving curse words, lewd, racial, divine, famous or copyrighted names or slogans, extra spaces, improper capitalization, and punctuation are not allowed. If you are not sure if the name you wish to use would be a violation use the random name generator (Generate Name) included with NWN.
    1. We remain the right to change the name of your character if your character name is not in compatible.
    2. If you like to share your story, add it to your description/bio at character creation or send it to us (via discord) if you like to change your story during the life of the character.

The following activities are prohibted by the law:

  1. Murder: It is permitted by law to kill another player if any of the following apply:
  • The other player wishes to fight. (Or makes challenges in character.)
  • The other player has stolen something from you, you may hunt this player down until they return it. If the player does not return the item, you can have a DM get involved.
  • Both players participate in a DM event involving PvP where the Dungeonmaster will compensate killed players.
  • All other situations in which a player kills another player are considered murder. If you commit murder, you will be fined. (The fine is at the discretion of the DM involved). In addition you may have jail time imposed. Punishment may vary depending upon the outcome or a past history.
  1. NPC Murder: if you kill any NPC inside a city, you will be fined. (The fine is at the discretion of the DM involved). Killing in self defense is still considered a violation of this law. ALL NPC's that are either quest or vendors in or outside a city will carry this fine. (The fine is at the discretion of the DM involved)
  2. Theft: It is usually the responsibility of the victim to deal with thieves who have stolen from them. However, if a victim is unable to convince the thief to return the item in question, he may ask the DMs for help. Once involved, the DMs will fine or give jail time to the thief, and the thief will be required to return the item. Anyone camping transitions to pp will be banned, its an exploit. You may only pick the pocket of the same target 3 times per day. Violation of this rule will result in serious punishment determined by a DM. If you steal from another player and they come after you, this does not give you the right to kill them, if you kill them this will be considered murder and they can have a DM deal with you.
  3. Littering: Discarding trash on the ground anywhere in a city is punishable by a fine of 100gp. All citizens are expected to make use of the trash receptacles found at convenient locations in cities.
  4. Trap Setting: If you are caught setting a trap within a city or town you will be fined (the Fine is at the discretion of the DM involved). If someone dies as a result of a trap within a city, the trap setter will also be charged with murder.

If you break the law and refuse to comply with the penalty, you will be punished by whatever method the DMs have available to them including jailing, fining, and banning players.