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Tinkering requires that the player posses a Set of Tinkers Tools in their inventory. Tinkers can make a variety of different items ranging from glass ingots to crafting tools to deadly traps. These items are created at the following crafting devices:

Tinkers Device - This strange looking device is used to create arrowheads and misc. tinkering items. When closed, there is a small chance this device will cause an explosion. <g>.
Tinkers Toolkit - This device is used to create traps and crafting tools.
Tinkers Furnace - This device is very similar to the forge except that it uses lumps of clay to make various clay molds and bags of sand to make glass ingots and various glass products.

Tinkering uses two raw materials that can be mined. These are sand and clay. To mine these, the player must have a Shovel in their inventory. Sand deposits yield bags of sand and clay deposits yield lumps of clay. Shovels, like the miner’s pickaxes, will wear out from time to time when used. The frequency is configurable by the builder.

The Tinkering devices work similar to the other CNR crafting devices in that upon success the crafted item will be placed in the players inventory and upon failure, the recipe items will be destroyed. Dexterity (50%) and Intelligence (50%) are key abilities for Tinkering.

A little update on the thinkering list.
You do not need Tinker's Tools to work the Tinker's Furnace to work with molds and glasses. You will need the Tinker's Tool for when you work with the Tinker's Device & Tinker's Toolbox

All gas traps state that they require "Poison Gas". I take it, that this is a Bag of Poison, as enchanted with your enchanting skill, but I have not tested this, since I dont really feel like I have a few emeralds to sacrifice on this.